There is no I in Team
15-17 October, 2009

Exhibition & Radio Show on Chinese Video, Live Audio-visualand performance art

image: Meiya Lin, Emigrant Serial Number_2: Passing the Torch, 2007

Artists and speakers
Meiya Lin (CN), Jin Shan (CN), Dead J (CN) + Chen Xiongwei (CN), Harndorf (DE), HomeShop (CN), Peng Lei (CN), Huang Rui (CN) & Berenice Angremy (FR), Christine Woditschka (DE), Lillevan, Bert de Muynck (BE) & Mónica Carriço (PT), Annika Pinske (DE), Tina Pfurr (DE), Li Zhenhua (CN), Cheng Ran (CN), Sheng Jie (CN), Meng Jin(CN), Song Tao (CN), Gao Yu (CN), Sun Xun (CN), Wu Junyong (CN), Joyn:Viscom (CN), Tsui Kuang Yu (TW), Chen Xiaoyun (CN), Gao Shiqiang (CN), Zhang Ding (CN), Qiu Anxiong (CN)

Thursday Oct 15
12:00 Opening of video art exhibition with works from Meiya Lin (CN) and Jin Shan (CN)
4:00–6:00pm Radio show: Individual and Groups in Beijing and Berlin after the eighties, interviews with Lillevan and Jin Shan
8:00pm I would do anything for love (Chinese short films)
9:30pm B-movie: Peking Monster by Peng Lei (CN)

Friday Oct 16
4:00–6:00pm Radio show: China‘s Creative topography and Getting Lost Together
Interviews with Moving Cities (BE + PT), Lin Yu (CN) and performance by Christine Woditschka (DE)
8:00pm Mythic moments (Chinese short films)
9:30pm Live electronics + A/V performance: Dead J (CN) + Chen Xiongwei (CN)

Saturday Oct 17
4:00–6:00pm Radio show: Creative actions! Case Studies
Berlin talks: Club Transmediale; Torstrasse Intim (DE)
China talks: Li Zhenhua (CN) on Laboratory Art Beijing
Keith Whittle on Fountain Projects
8:00pm Public Viewings – Mnemonics of the Self and Social Space in the film works of 4 Chinese artists
9:30pm Performance / anti-stand-up comedy / lecture: Harndorf (DE)

As part of THERE IS NO I IN TEAM's international tour, this 3-day event happening at PROGRAM, Berlin, from 15th to 17th October 2009 brings together cutting-edge chinese video, live audiovisuals and performance art and creative communities from both China and Berlin.

The event is structured around the idea of making a live radio show focusing on rhizomatic networks stretching out from China to Berlin. The guests for THERE IS NO I IN TEAM belong to the same network of people who create their artistic projects on an individual basis but yet become public through a team of people who provide a context to make it public.

The radio program created around the existing project THERE IS NO I IN TEAM installs itself in an exhibition space where the video works of Meiya Lin and Jin Shan raise questions about the role of the individual, hierarchy, power, migration, public space, market strategies and capitalism. These questions set up a framework for the talks, interviews, skype-conversations and lectures of the radio program and will be broadened further into 3 series of Chinese short films, screened in the evening. The radio show will be available as a podcast after the event but visitors are invited to drop in the ‘studio’ during the show.

On the evening of the 16th there will be an audiovisual performance of Dead J and Chen Xiongwei where the outer space dub electro mixed with cold and warm soundscapes of Dead J melt into the urban sketches drawn by CXW. Harndorf, known from the collective Torstrasse Intim, will join us on the evening of the 17th. The very neurotic and very German figure has promised to learn some English so she can share her crude views on life, art and postmodern food with us in her live lecture „[ai] [ai] [ai]“. All of the above builds up the 3-day event THERE IS NO I IN TEAM, which will be literally, through the participation of HomeShop, and metaphorically an open ‘window’ from Berlin to Beijing.

Taking its title from an American motivational statement, used to encourage people to abandon their own ego and self so as to be an effective part of the team, the project has been curated by a ‘team’ of European and Chinese curators (Pauline Doutreluingne, Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Jiang Jian, Leo de Boisgisson, Anne Rottig and Beatrice Leanza) each contributing a unique cultural viewpoint, whilst also sharing their firsthand knowledge of contemporary China and its rapidly expanding arts and music scene, in all its cross-disciplinary nature and differing methods of representation.

Following its successful first staging in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) presented by/sLab and Isis Arts in February 2008, and at venues such as the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, and further to its more recent presentation at the V&A, London in June 2008, we bring the project to Berlin in October 2009.

Curatorial Team:
Pauline Doutreluingne, Keri Elmsly, Keith Whittle, Jiang Jian, Leo de Boisgisson, Anne Rottig, Beatrice Leanza

Sponsored by ifa - Institut für Auslandbeziehungen e.V.

For further information please contact Pauline Doutreluingne, or visit

Special thanks to Leila El-Kayem, Christina Woditschka, Maria Kamutzki, Nora Colie, Sandrine Provoost, Lin Yu, Servullo Mendez, Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Amel Bouksani, Anja Wiesinger, Vanessa Dahlmann, Ina Rotter and all the participating artists and speakers.



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