in the absence scent of unambiguous criteria
Saturday, February 17, 2007, 15:30 – 20:30

In the absence of unambiguous criteria exhibition finissage
with a special temporary installation by guest artist Claus Rasmussen
and music composed for the exhibition by Michael Stecky

The experience of space is formed as much by fleeting, nuanced bits of information that we receive from our changing environment, as from the physicality of the concrete forms that surround us. Addressing the dominance of visual experience in art, and the stronghold of Cartesian geometry in our architectural imagination, Danish artist Claus Rasmussen has chosen to make a piece out of scent – perhaps the most elusive, and least critically explored of our senses.

Working from LaTourelle’s installation that examined color as an ‘ambiguous’ criterion in our everyday experience, Rasmussen infused the gallery with the fragrance of 150, fresh opened lilies – hidden from view behind a wall.

Visitors to the one-day installation were confronted with an intense smell that provoked, if not insisted, contemplation. Our memories are usually most strongly connected with not our vision, but our sense of smell. The perfume of lilies inflorescence conjures up an array of memories specific to each visitor, adding another element of ambiguity to the experience.

Claus Rasmussen was born in Denmark (1979). He studied at the Tailor Academy (Odense/Copenhagen, 1998), the School of Photography in Copenhagen (2002) and at the Stadelschule (film class Prof. Mark Leckey) in Frankfurt am Main. He worked as a camera man for the film production Waterfront (Lyngby/Copenhagen) and as a photographer for Herr von Eden (Berlin/Hamburg/Köln). His photographs have been exhibited at Kingsgarden (Copenhagen, 2002) and at Inc Berlin (Berlin, 2006).

Michael Stecky – site-specific audio works

During the finissage visitors were also able to listen to Michael Stecky's audio works, composed for Rodney LaTourelle's installation. In the first tunnel you could hear Stripes, in the second tunnel Golden Room and in the third Colour Field.

Click on the track names to listen to Michael Stecky's compositions. Please use headphones.

Stripes (5:30)
Golden Room (5:00)
Colour Field (6:47)

Michael Stecky is a musician and video maker currently living in Toronto, Canada. His audio and video works have exhibited nationally and internationally. This is one of several collaborative projects in which Stecky has created music in response to an art project or architectural space. Look also here.



In the absence of unambiguous criteria