Will Patera & Yarinda Bunnag

Will Patera is an architect, pedagogue, and programmer. After receiving a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, he moved to Bangkok and began work as a designer at Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited while concurrently engaged in his own personal work and research. His collaborative work has been shown in New York and London, and he has presented at Pecha Kucha Night, Bangkok, in 2008. Selections of his undergraduate thesis will be included in the forthcoming book, Material Disciplines: The Engineering of Life in Material Systems. Will is currently an adjunct professor for the first year and second year B.Sc. program in Architectural Design at Chulalongkorn University’s International Program of Design and Architecture in Bangkok where he plays a critical role in the collaborative development of the first year curriculum. WIll has also served as an invited guest lecturer and critic for numerous architecture courses in Bangkok. [www.willpatera.com]

Yarinda Bunnag is an architect, musician, and actor. She released her debut album ‘Yarinda’ after her first year studying architecture at Cornell University. After receiving a Bachelor of Architecture, she moved to Bangkok and worked as an adjunct professor at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Communication Arts and later at Duangrit Bunnag Architect Limited.  Yarinda continues to produce music and has released three full length albums, 2 EPs to date, and performs regularly within Thailand. Yarinda has been nominated for numerous musical awards for her work and most recently received the Kom Chad Leuk award for ‘Best Female Artist’ for her latest album ‘Schools’ which was released in November 2009. Yarinda is also an actor: she has been in two movies, both of which she portrays the leading character. Her latest project, ‘The Red Eagle’ is due to be released in theaters in October 2010. Yarinda has been an invited guest for various public lectures and interviews. She is currently an adjunct professor at Chulalongkorn University’s International Program of Design and Architecture in Bangkok. [www.yarinda.com, www.flickr.com/yarindabunnag]

During their residency at PROGRAM, Patera and Bunnag will coordinate "The Art of Consumption" (working title) – a collaborative six week project with 24 Chulalongkorn University students in Berlin.




The Art of Consumption

Will Patera

Yarinda Bunnag

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